Guaranteed Job Offer with minimum $400 Salary + Accommodation

We have over 5K students

Why Choose Uk Tesol?


The only programme to train teachers suited to the European model of foreign language teaching.

U.K. Tesol is the only accredited Tesol programme which complies with the European Union’s common language training system, the European Language Portfolio. As you know, the European Union has been implementing a common curriculum with regard to foreign language education since 2002

The greatest difference between this approach and a more classical approach to teaching English, is that it keeps in mind the fact that a student’s language competency may vary from skill to skill.

However, the European Union states that while a student’s level of competency in speaking may be B2 level, their level of competency in listening may be only A2. At the same time, according to the European Union, a student who can speak a language very well, may have very poor writing skills in that language. The European Union uses a system which has different targets than the English system. In other words, there are common goals that the student and teachers can work towards together in order to improve language education.

In this sense, in order to be able to comfortably teach students in both American and Europe, teachers need to complete the UK Tesol programme. Otherwise, teachers will be unable to successfully educate students in line with the 6 levels of language competency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1,C2) in European countries, or in programmes which implement this system. That is why UK Tesol and our teachers are so appreciated in European Union countries.


The only programme that includes Tesol Kids

UK Tesol is the only Tesol programme in the world that provides a Certificate in Tesol with Young Learner Specialism programme. Tesol programmes, on the whole, are organised to provide trainees with the skills required to teach adults. However, in the new world understanding of marketing, many foreign language courses require teachers to teach students from pre-school to junior school age children. This teaching is a different type of teaching.

Teachers have to teach young learners English through games, and use inherently different skills in areas such as classroom management. Therefore, it is not right to expect teachers to teach children if they have not received the relevant training. With this need in mind, UK Tesol, as the biggest Tesol provider, has started to provide all teachers with two certificates at the same time.


Guaranteed Job Offer

As the world’s largest Tesol provider, we can provide you with a guaranteed job offer. If you complete this course with one of the top two grades, we guarantee to provide you with a job offer within 1 year. The job will provide a minimum salary of 600 US dollars plus free accommodation in a country which needs your skills.

In many countries of the world, from Trinidad to Finland, Turkey to Azerbaijan, Brazil to Columbia, and Cambodia to Mongolia, a 400-dollar salary is more than a government worker’s normal salary.

Apart from the salary, due to the fact that we have a number of business affiliations in the majority of these countries, we can operate on our own terms. Apart from this, UK Tesol will guarantee your salary in the country that you go to. Before you make a deal with the country you are going to, if you inform us about the situation, our lawyers will take all the necessary measures in order to protect your legal rights. In fact, in many of the countries we are working with, we already have expert lawyers on the ground. Furthermore, if you experience any problems, we will be proud to help you solve the problem or to help you to return to your own country.

If we do not provide you with a job offer, we will completely refund your course fees. While 400 dollars may not seem a lot of money, don’t forget that you will not have to pay any money towards housing costs. You will have an unforgettable experience, because 400 dollars can provide you with a good standard of living in many countries.

What does TESOL offer you?

Qualified Instructors

All instructors are qualified teachers of English with extensive experience in teaching English as a second language in a wide variety of settings.In addition, our instructors are also teacher trainers with a depth of knowledge and experience in this field.

TESOL Certificate

On successful completion of this course, you will earn the Certificate in the Methodology and Practice of TESOL, an internationally recognised qualification which will enable you to teach English both in Turkey and abroad. The American Culture U.K. Tesol certificate course provides you with a solid foundation in the teaching of English as a second language, fully preparing you to become an effective, confident and creative teacher of English.

TESOL Course Options

The course is run as an online self-study course with personal tutor support. Being an online course provides many advantages :

  • you can arrange your own study schedule in line with your other commitments
  • you can study at your own pace (as long as you complete the course within 6 months)
  • you receive ongoing support and feedback from your personal tutor
  • you can study in the comfort of your own home
  • you can study wherever and whenever you wish

Personal Tutor

Your personal tutor is here to support you throughout the course, working with you until you acheive your potential. Your personal tutor is here to answer any questions that you might have about teaching, to give you further help when needed, to provide feedback and guidance on the work that you complete, to help you to reflect on your developing teaching skills and to give useful tips and recommendations. You will keep in regular contact by messages, and will meet face to face using a webcam via skype at intervals throughout the course.

Student Coordinator

A dedicated student coordinator will be available to answer your questions about the course, to help you with the registration process before starting the course, and to deal with any other course related queries throughout the course. This means that as well as having access to your personal tutor, you also have the student coordinator at your service, whose aim is to ensure that each student receives the highest quality of care and education.

Job Opportunities


At Least $400 USD Salary Accommodation

Life-long career gaurantee

This certificate provides you with a life-long occupation gaurantee. Professional, well-trained teachers are in demand around the world, providing opportunties to teach in a variety of settings and cultures. And for those course participants who are already qualified teachers, this Tesol certificate course provides proof of a commitment to continued professional development and opens doors to a wider range of job opportunities. Our Tesol certificate is fully recognised by the Turkish Ministry of Education.Within Turkey the certificate will enable you to gain legal employment as a teacher of English within the private sector, i.e. at all private language courses and private schools.

Applying To Our Institutions

On successfully completing the course, you can choose to pursue your employment options independently, or if you wish, we can assist you in finding a teaching job at one of our institutions.


You will study with highly qualified and experienced teacher trainers.

What did our students say?

I believe that when I completed the TESOL program I learned new teaching methods and improved myself in teaching English.
I would like to thank the TESOL team for their support during the course. Now, it is time to find my dream job abroad.

Jumana Safi

Tesol Student

I studied chemistry and when I graduated I developed an interest in teaching English. As I was searching online, on the TESOL website I found out that I could work as an English teacher. I would like to thank the TESOL team for giving me this opportunity.

Jasmin Harris

Tesol Student

ONLINE TESOL gerçekten özenle hazırlanmış bir program. Eğitim süresince pek çok yeni yöntem ve teknik öğrendim. Bu süreç içinde, bu teknikleri uygulama becerisini bana kazandıran değerli hocam Sayın Anna İnci Ertem ve her aşamada yardımcı olup desteğini eksik etmeyen Sayın Bestem Çil’e müteşekkirim...


Tesol Student

Я был беспокоен когда я начал программу TESOL, но после того, как я вошёл в систему, помощь преподавателя и простата системы уничтожил все беспокойство и страх. Когда я закончил программу, я видел много вакансии передо мной. Вскоре я начал работать учителем английского языка в Мальте. Спасибо всем, кто поддержал меня в этом процессе.

Егор Михайлов

Tesol Student

Yabancı Dil Öğretimi adına düzenlenen TESOL Sertifikasına Amerikan Kültür aracılığıyla ulaştığımız için ben size teşekkür etmek istiyorum. Sertifika alma sürecince her anlamda yardımcı olduğunuzu göz ardı edemeyeceğim...


Tesol Student

J'ai réalisé mon rêve d'enseigner à l'étranger grâce au certificat TESOL. Terminer le programme n'est certainement pas difficile, au contraire, il est possible d'avancer très vite. Ma vie a changé après avoir reçu le certificat. Merci TESOL.

Marie Chantal Geron

Tesol Student

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